Fault Current Limiter - UFCL-Limiter Switchboard

The fastest limiting and switching device in the world

UFCL-limiter switchboard is a panel with a set of UFCL-limiter fix mounted in it,the monitoring and indication unit is mounted in Low voltage compartment. Based on the deep understanding of IEC 62271.200 and rich experience in switchgear design, whether new or rectify projects, we can offer customized designs and manufacturing to align with the existed switchboards of the system.


  • In system interconnections
  • Used as a link between public networks and consumer owned power supply systems
  • In parallel with a reactor
  • To clear generator


  • +  Reduces substation cost
  • +  Solves short-circuit problems in new substations and substation expansion
  • +  Optimum solution for interconnection of switchboards and substations
  • +  Significantly improve network redundancy and resiliency
  • +  Increase load-serving capacity of existing substations
  • +  In most cases the only technical solution


  • Third party inspection at FAT is available for further quality reassurance
  • Cost-effective, reliable, proven.