UFCL- Limiter

Our fault current limiter sometimes is referred as an Is-limiter, which is capable of limiting a fault current passing through and break before the first peak reached...

PD Monitoring System for Transformer

The PDGuard-T4000 is an on-line partial discharge (PD) monitoring system for power transformers, based on industry accepted UHF technology...

PD Monitoring System for GIS

GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) and GIL (Gas Insulated Transmission Line) degradation might lead to complete breakdowns...

Online PD Monitoring System for Power Cable

The PDGuard-C500 monitors cable accessories in short and long cable systems. As these accessories’ breakdown, they generally produce partial discharges...

Online PD Monitoring System for MCSG

Metal-enclosed switchgear, which are widely used in the distribution of electrical energy, play an important role in power distribution networks...

UHF Sensors for Transformer

An UHF sensor plays a significant role in UHF PD measurement because the initial step of PD measurement is to acquire electromagnetic signals using these devices...

UHF Sensors for GIS

In engineering applications, UHF sensors have been widely used to detect defects such as cracks in physical structures, displacement and tilt detection in wireless radio...

UHF sensor for MCSG

PDU-S1 sensor made by Innovit Electric, which provides you with high sensitivity and accurate measurement for ultra-high frequency (UHF) detection...

TEV Sensor

iTEV sensor can be magnetically attached to the outer surface of the metal-clad switchgear, typically on cable boxes or next cable boxes or next to cable termination...

TEV + Ultrasonic PD sensor

The iTEV Plus is Innovit Electric’s leading PD sensor for detecting and measuring Partial Discharge activity in MV switchgear.

HFCT Sensors

With the iHFCT, you can continuously detect partial discharge activity at critical points in the cable system during operation. This data is acquired, pre-processed, stored in a database...


3-in-1 Sensor for PD detection in MCSG and dry type transformers

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