Online PD Monitoring System for Power Cable

Why you need partial discharge monitoring?

Power cables, terminations and joints are factory-tested before installation to ensure quality and reliability according to customer requirements and standards.

However, cables can be damaged during transportation, laying and during the installation of terminations and joints. These defects may not cause initial failure under voltage but can create partial discharge (PD) in the insulation system.

Partial discharge destroys cable insulation

If allowed to continue, PD will degrade the insulation and result in flashovers and cable system failures. This causes unplanned power outages, loss of plant production, damage to adjacent equipment, and in the worst case, personal injury.

Detect and remove defects prior to failure

By detecting and trending PD activity with a monitoring system, it is possible to continuously observe its development over time. This information helps you to make important decisions regarding the timely replacement of the HV cable or cable accessory before a failure occurs.

PDGuard-C500 is your right choice

The PDGuard-C500 monitors cable accessories in short and long cable systems. As these accessories’ breakdown, they generally produce partial discharges prior to failure. To monitor cables, high frequency current transformers (HFCTs) are placed around the cable termination shields.