Fault Current Limiter - UFCL-Limiter

Solution for short-circuit current challenge of your system

Our fault current limiter sometimes is referred as an Is-limiter, which is capable of limiting a fault current passing through and break before the first peak reached, thus reducing the total value of short-circuit current below the permissible ratings of the system.

The use of our current limiter allows equipment to remain in service even if the prospective short-circuit current exceeding the rated peak withstand current of the system. Replacement of equipment can be avoided or at least shifted to a later date. For a newly planned networks UFCL-limiters allow the use of equipment with lower ratings which renders possible considerable cost savings.

Our current limiter(UFCL-limiters) solves the thorny issue of high short-circuit currents, protects our clients’ electrical assets, and ensures safe operation of their electrical distribution networks. Besides helping to solve technical issues, the fault current limiter have also been proven to improve the reliability of the networks, heighten operational flexibility and reduce capital expenditure of our clients’ projects.


  • In system interconnections
  • Used as a link between public networks and consumer-owned power supply systems
  • Bypass current limiting reactors
  • Used to clear the generator
  • Protect huge capacity power transformer


  •        + Reduces substation cost
  •        + Solves short-circuit problems in new substation and substation expansion
  •        + Optimum solution for interconnection of switchboards and substations
  •        + Significantly improve network redundancy and resiliency
  •        + Increase the load-serving capacity of existing substations
  •        + In most cases the only technical solution
  • Features
  • KEMA Lab. tested
  • Third-party inspection at FAT is available for further quality reassurance
  • Cost-effective, reliable, proven