UHF sensors for GIS

In engineering applications, UHF sensors have been widely used to detect defects such as cracks in physical structures, displacement and tilt detection in wireless radio frequency identification systems, and partial discharge measurements in high voltage engineering. These applications are practically feasible because the transient process of these defects have very short rise times, which results in induced frequency components in the UHF range. An UHF sensor plays a significant role in UHF PD measurement because the initial step of PD measurement is to acquire electromagnetic signals using these devices for further signal processing. To this end, the performance of the sensors will dramatically influence the accuracy and sensitivity of the PD detection system.

Thanks to the PDU-G sensor made by Innovit Electric, which provides you with high sensitivity and accurate measurement for ultra-high frequency (UHF) detection and PD positioning, and they are can be customized according to customer’s specific technical requirements and connected to any PD monitoring equipment of any gas-insulated substation, regardless of the manufacturer.

Internal window and external types are available, fully satisfy your all kinds of application.

Features and Applications

Highly Sensitive

  • Sensitivity up to 3 times greater compared to alternatives
  • Shielded to avoid electromagnetic interface


  • Fits all GIS
  • Easy to install
  • Designed for legacy equipment upgrade

Early Fault Detection

  • Partial discharge detection via continuous monitoring
  • Condition-base asset management
  • In-service diagnostic

Retrofit all GIS

  • External type fits with any type of the GIS
  • Internal window type can be customized