HR Policies

Employees are not only the most valuable resource, but also the basic guarantee to achieve the company goals. Therefore, the INNOVIT's management is convinced that should be to provide a good organizational structure and working environment for employees.
As follows:

Respect employee’s personal dignity and value

We should encourage employees to play to the highest level in a stimulating work, fair competition and mutual cooperation in the work environment. Employee's personal rights shall be respected, supervisors and managers should be timely and frankly two-way communication with employees, and be responsible for their work performance and development.

Encouraging employee creativity and initiative

The company shall offer employees with both orientation and relatively freedom work environment. The condition is not the lack of risk taking and innovation for the company's growth process, therefore should be sincere honest and respect each other under the premise of encouragement and support.

Stimulate individual potential

Through to the employees appropriate working arrangements and the explicit development direction, so that the potential can match its supervisor, manager and the company overall cooperation

Provide equal opportunities

Good performance of equal opportunity should receive reasonable returns. The employee's performance should be assessed with caution and established standards, and to give appropriate praise, recognition and rewards.