Online PD Monitoring System for Power Transformer

The PDGuard-T4000 is an on-line partial discharge (PD) monitoring system for power transformers, based on industry accepted UHF technology. The PDGuard-T4000 is used to continuously assess the performance of insulation in a power transformer so that corrective actions can be taken before any failure occurs. The information gained from the system is used for condition-based maintenance decisions to optimize maintenance expenditure.


  • Medium and large sized transformers
  • Distribution, transmission and industrial transformers


  • + Turn key condition monitoring solution to prevent costly failures and extend asset life of Transformers
  • + Accurate and early fault detection ensures reliable operation and reduces supply outages
  • + Creates highly accurate reports on asset condition hence reduces maintenance cost
  • + Monitors multiple transformers simultaneously resulting in higher return on investmen
  • + Expert PD analysis services


  • Superior reliability and accuracy
  • Intelligent remote access management
  • User-friendly operation
  • Enhanced noise control