Online PD Monitoring System for MCSG

Metal-enclosed switchgear, which are widely used in the distribution of electrical energy, play an important role in power distribution networks. Their safe operation is directly related to the reliability of power system as well as the power quality on the consumer side. Partial discharge detection is an effective way to identify potential faults and can be utilized for insulation diagnosis of metal-enclosed switchgear.

Why you need partial discharge monitoring?

Industry data shows that switchgear has one of the industry’s highest failure rates, creating a need for inspection and continuous monitoring. Unlike insulation systems used in motors and generators, the insulation systems in switchgear are not resistant to insulation deterioration caused by partial discharges.

What can PDGuard-S300 do?

The PDGuard-S300 is a continuous partial discharge (PD) monitor which monitors, stores and correlates operating dynamics. The PDGuard-S300 will provide information as to the health of the medium voltage insulation systems of switchgear, cables, bus duct and unit substations.

Preventing outages

The PDGuard-S300 monitors switchgear. Switchgear failures are usually catastrophic. When switchgear fails, the outage is usually for an extended period. On older equipment, spare parts are limited and many times custom manufacturing is required, which adds to the outage time. Based on IEEE data, simple payback for a system is usually less than one year.


  • Utilities
  • Town’s utilities
  • Power plant
  • Test-laboratories
  • Industry
  • Paper mills
  • Refineries
  • Chemical industries
  • Car industries
  • Steel, aluminum mills
  • On / Offshore platforms
  • Ships / Vessels
  • Data center