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Our story begins in 2004, we started researching and developing Fault Current Limiters, until now, we became the leader of fault current limiter technology in China. We, Innovit Electric, a private company nestled in the fertile land of Xi'an, a city that beautifully intertwines its profound historical roots as the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties and known as the beginning of the infamous Silk Road. Xi'an has historically been a crossroads for diverse cultures and innovations. Today, it continues to embody this spirit as it leads China’s charge towards advanced technologies.

Empowering the World with
Cutting-Edge Fault Current Limitation

At Innovit Electric, we specialize in groundbreaking solutions for fault current limitations of power system , crucial for maintaining a stable and reliable energy supply. Our core technology, the UFCL-limiter, exemplifies our commitment to innovation, offering unparalleled capability to limit and interrupt fault currents within the first half cycle. This technology, along with our suite of high-quality products and adaptable solutions, ensures our customers with a stable power supply, protection of equipment , and enhanced network resilience.

Innovative Power Solutions
Reliable Fault Current Limiters and Advanced Monitoring Services

Our product range includes UFCL-Limiters, PD Monitoring Systems for transformers and GIS, UHF Sensors, TEV Sensors, and HFCT Sensors. At Innovit Electric, we specialize in technical consulting, reliable spare parts support, expert installation and commissioning, and thorough testing and maintenance for fault current limiters, ensuring safe and smooth operations​.

Synergistic Solutions
for Continuous Improvement

At Innovit Electric, we take pride in our achievements as pioneers of fault current limiter technology. Our journey, spanning over a decade, has seen the successful deployment of UFCL-Limiters and switchgear systems across various sectors like utilities, oil and gas, and heavy industry.

Our collaborations with esteemed organizations such as the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), Huadian Weifang Power Generation, the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), and the Sinoma International Engineering Company have led to significant contributions in landmark projects, including the Maple Leaf Cement Factory, and SGCC substations. These partnerships underscore our reliability and expertise.

Our commitment to safety, reliability, and quality is validated by our certifications. The KEMA test report for our UFCL fault current limiter showcases our dedication to meeting the highest industry standards through rigorous testing and validation​.


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