Sulaymaniyah Cement 25MW WHR Project

This is 25MW Power Plant by WHR (Waste Heat Recovery) Project. Waste Heat Recovery was introduced to reduce production costs, and cement facilities started adopting waste heat recovery systems for power generation. The WHR system in parallel with the power system will contribute extra short-circuit current to the system, thus the short-circuit level exceeds the permissible ratings of the system.

Fault Current Limiter protects both WHR and power system from short-circuit current damage. Three units of Fault Current Limiter (UFCL) are applied for 25MW Power Plant. These critical components are essential for enhancing the safety and efficiency of electrical systems, ensuring reliable power supply, and protecting infrastructure against fault currents.

  • Year2019
  • CustomerMASS IRAQ
  • CountryIraq
  • IndustryCement
  • Products AppliedCurrent Limiter