Standard indoor and outdoor applications of site-assembled fault current limiters allow this product to be applied widely and easily.

UFCL- limiter, sometimes referred to as a current limiting protector, is a kind of high-speed switching device with current limiting functions. While adjusting or installing new electrical distribution equipment on the grid, high peak short-circuit currents may be generated. Standard circuit-breakers cannot provide any protection, as they are too slow in responding, resulting in damage to equipment. Innovit Electric’s unidirectional fault current limiter is capable of detecting and limiting a short-circuit current at the first rise, i.e. in less than 1 ms. The maximum instantaneous current that occurs subsequently remains well below the level of the peak short-circuit current limit, protecting the downstream equipment.

By employing an improved design, Innovit Electric’s UFCL-limiters do not need to be mounted in metal, air-isolated panels. The difference between the outdoor and indoor products is that the components of outdoor products are rated for outdoor use and special care is taken to improve the products’ weather resistance.


  • Protect under-rated equipment
  • Bypass current limiting reactors
  • Clear the generator
  • Limit cogenerator fault
  • In incoming feeder of big-capacity transformer


  • + Protect your systems
  • + Reduces substation cost
  • + Significantly improve network redundancy and resiliency
  • + Solves short-circuit problems in new substations and substation expansion
  • + Optimum solution for interconnection of switchboards and substations
  • + In most cases the only technical solution


  • Suitable for indoor use or for outdoor use with or without an enclosure
  • Can be installed in any orientation
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Rated voltage up to 40.5kV, proofed in lots installations
  • Continuous current rating up to 6300kA