Fault Current Limiter - UFCL-Limiter


A growth in the generation of electrical energy and an increased interconnection of the networks lead to higher fault currents. More specifically, the continuous growth in the generation of electrical energy has the consequence that networks approach or even exceed their limits with respect to the short-circuit current withstand capability. Therefore, there is a considerable interest in devices which are capable of limiting fault currents.

UFCL-limiter sometimes is referred as a Triggered Fault Current Limiter. It can limit a fault current passing through it within the first half cycle and is capable of reducing the total value of fault current of fault circuit below the ratings of circuit breaker.

The use of UFCL-limiters allows equipment to remain in service even if the prospective fault current exceeds its rated peak and short-time withstand current and in case of circuit breakers also its rated short-circuit making and breaking current. Replacement of equipment can be avoided or at least shifted to a later date. In case of newly planned networks UFCL-limiters allow the use of equipment with lower ratings which renders possible considerable cost savings.

In comparison with complex conventional solutions, the UFCL-limiter has both technical and economic advantages when used in transformer or generator feeders, in switchgear sectionalizing, and when connected in parallel with reactors.


  • Protect under-rated equipment
  • Bypass current limiting reactors
  • Clear the generator
  • Limit cogenerator fault
  • In incoming feeder of big-capacity transformer


  • +  Protect your systems
  • +  Reduces substation cost
  • +  Significantly improve network redundancy and resiliency
  • +  Solves short-circuit problems in new substations and substation expansion
  • +  Optimum solution for interconnection of switchboards and substations
  • +  In most cases the only technical solution


  • Suitable for indoor use or for outdoor use with or without an enclosure
  • Can be installed in any orientation
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Rated voltage up to 40.5kV, proofed in lots installations
  • Continuous current rating up to 6300kA