INNOIT Entire Life Cycles (ELC) services

We will always focus on customers' energy efficiency and productivity within the entire life cycle of the systems and equipment supplied by Innovit. Based on the equipment, systems, solutions, entire life cycles & total-building services to ensure reliable operation of the equipment and systems and to maximize its performance. We focused on the customer's different needs and characteristics of the industry. Our team is committed to overall design, provide diversification, customer service, comprehensive and systematic support and will run through the project planning and implementation, commissioning, consulting and disposal of used facilities of each stage.

Installation and commission

According to the characteristics of each industry and the different environmental conditions on site, our professional engineers provide customers with a professional installation and commissioning services to promote safety and to help ensure reliable and continuous power.
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Responsive service

In order to increase productivity as the goal,we are committed to support timely response and meet customer’s demand throughout facility’s entire life cycle.
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Maintenance contract

Industrial equipment fault will not only reduces productivity but also delays the opportunity which enable enterprises to pay a high economic cost and opportunity cost of no return in a particular industry or a particular case.
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Recycle & Obsolete

As a professional manufacturer, we provide economic and environmental disposal solutions for Fault current limiters after the end of equipment life cycle.
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