Installation and commission

Optimize the performance of your equipment right from the start. At INNOVIT, our goal is to keep your business up and running as efficiently as possible.

According to the characteristics of each industry and the different environmental conditions on site, our professional engineers provide customers with a professional installation and commissioning services to ensure the stable and secure operation of systems and equipment.
INNOVIT confirms that your equipment is installed properly, meets factory standards, and passes our stringent performance tests to help minimize downtime and delays in the future. Not only do we perform the standard electrical, mechanical, and visual equipment inspections, we also check the equipment and component to ensure they are set up and functioning correctly. Electrical testing is also performed to check insulation, current path, functionality, sequencing, etc., to minimize future downtime and expenditures.

According to customer demand, we provide site acceptance test (SAT) services to evaluate newly installed system identification, and suggestions for improvement and optimization recommendations.


  • On-site service by professional engineers of INNOVIT
  • Professional on-site testing procedure
  • Professional on-site testing tools
  • Engineering expert capacity (Protective Device , Selective Analysis... )
  • Helps customers diagnose the equipment which they are applied.


  • Professional and experienced service personnel
  • Reducing the risk of start-up delay
  • Reduce the risk of premature aging
  • Provide expert advice on operation and maintenance
  • Ensure the stable and secure operation of systems and equipment
  • Provide traceability records of field service