Without a proper maintenance strategy for your electrical distribution equipment, it’s just a matter of time before costly breakdowns will occur.

INNOVIT offers multi-year programs to mitigate risks by ensuring that regular maintenance is performed on your equipment. Avoid expensive downtime by minimizing unplanned outages and remedial action.


  • Technical Support Access
    24/7 access to industry-leading expertise
  • Preventive Maintenance
    Regularly-scheduled maintenance and testing, performed by qualified service personnel extends equipment reliability and identifies potential issues.
  • Test Results with Engineer Review&Recommendations
    Detailed reporting of maintenance and testing activities, including corrective recommendations.
  • Guaranteed On-Site Repair Response
    Labor and travel for on-site response for remedial repairs. 7/24 priority upgrades are available.
  • Spare Parts
    Recommended spare parts, including emergency spare parts, will be stored on-site.
  • Repair Parts
    Replacement parts used during repair visits, which further improves budget stability.
  • Optional Upgrades
    After-hours preventive maintenance
    7x24 priority response and 4-hour response(where available)


  • Maximize uptime
  • Optimizing asset management
  • Control your maintenance budget
  • Comply with various standards and Ensuring security