Responsive Services

In order to increase productivity as the goal,we are committed to support timely response and meet customer’s demand, including commissioning guidance, equipment maintenance, detection, analysis and diagnosis of troubleshooting problems, spare parts purchasing, etc…

On-site commission

According to the characteristics of each industry and the different environmental conditions on site, our professional engineers provide customers with a professional installation and commissioning services to promote safety and to help ensure reliable and continuous power.
Our service can meet your demand for any system or equipment installation and debugging, including: check ing, functional and integration testing, parameter setting, commissioning and acceptance testing, etc…

On-site maintenance

  • Professional and experienced service personnel
  • Reducing the risk of start-up delay
  • Reduce the risk of premature aging
  • Provide expert advice on operation and maintenance
  • Ensure the stable and secure operation of systems and equipment
  • Provide traceability records of field service

Equipment inspection and diagnosis

Ensuring and enhancing the reliability and availability of your equipment.
As a result of both, the Inspection and the Diagnosis, you will receive a report revealing the actual state of your station. Based on the checked parameters, it contains recommendations about the necessary steps to take in order to keep your station in good working order. Furthermore, our service team gains valuable station-specific knowledge that brings insights about the future development of your equipment. Overall your failure risk is reduced and your station performance thereby increased.


Securing your electric system is a mission critical to the success of your business.
INNOVIT on-site service engineer with professional qualifications and experience, use special diagnostic tools and equipment to provide maintenance service depending on your system and equipment conditions and the operating environment features , including: corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, and to ensure that your electrical system is secured.
Customized maintenance service can be provided.

Spare parts purchasing

INNOVIT understands the criticality of your electrical equipment and the recommended spare parts required to minimize downtime. Our services will evaluate your electric system, identify the equipment that is critical to your operations and recommend specific spare parts.

Technical training

INNOVIT instructors are experienced engineers and technicians who are trained and certified and have received extensive training on how to effectively adapt engineering codes, standards, and factory approved documentation into a classroom setting and real-world application.
Customize your training program using our modular courses, which are applicable for any manufacturer’s equipment. Our trainers can provide on-site training of a standard course, tailor a course based upon selected modules from several standard courses, or develop a custom training course based on your application, specific hardware, or other system requirements.


  • Timely response
  • Provide industry-leading expertise to address all of your power system
  • Professional and experienced on-site engineers
  • Providing you with peace of mind
  • Service record traceable